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How Do I Tell My Family?

Many people feel anxiety over telling their families about their divorce. It’s bad enough to break the news to one person. Depending on the size of your family, you could be looking at a whole lot of talking. And no one wants that. You’re a busy person. Here are some easy, time-saving ideas for telling your family about your divorce.

  • Bring your new boyfriend to Thanksgiving.
  • Bring your new boyfriend to Christmas.
  • Bring your new boyfriend to your family’s annual Flag Day party.
  • Bring your new boyfriend to your nephew’s baptism.
  • Bring your new boyfriend to your cousin’s wedding. (When you RSVP, write “new boyfriend” as the name of your guest.)
  • Ask your new boyfriend to email your family and tell them for you.

Or just tell everyone that your husband was eaten by a hippopotamus.

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Holidays: Tips For Coping

In your post-divorce life, holidays can be rough. Here are some tips for coping with the holiday blues.


Eat a lot of chocolate.


Try giving thanks because you have a second chance at happiness. And if that doesn’t work, eat a lot of mashed potatoes.


Start some new traditions. Like eating mashed potatoes.


Eat some mashed potatoes?


Eat the free samples of chocolate-dipped strawberries they’re giving out at the grocery store, because, come on, you’re not made of money.


Eat SO MUCH chocolate followed by a sensible portion of mashed potatoes.


Enjoy flags like you always have.

All you need is flag.


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