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Wedding Day Red Flags

We weren’t going to blog today, seeing as it’s Flag Day and we know you’re all probably out, attending Flag Day barbeques, and watching Flag Day parades, and checking out those big Flag Day mattress sales.  But then we thought, what better day for a THEME blog?

You hear a lot about “red flags” in relationships.  They are, disappointingly, not real flags, but rather less tangible things that should serve as warning signs that you are in a bad relationship. Unfortunately, these flags are almost always completely invisible until after you are already divorced.

But love is blind.  And sometimes, “not love” is also blind.  Maybe a better way to say it is, “sometimes we are stupid.”

So in honor of Flag Day, we’ve compiled a cheeky little list of 5 Wedding Day Red Flags. (Somewhat based on actual events.)


1. Your parents’ tears of happiness look more sad than happy.

2. You/Your spouse’s emotional state during the wedding ceremony would best be described as “bored.”

3. People at the reception keep looking at you and saying things like “What’s wrong?” and “Are you okay?” and “Do you want to leave?”

4. You spend more time dancing with your new husband’s friends than with your new husband.

5. Come to think of it, your new husband is spending a lot of time dancing with your maid of honor…

An actual flag is much easier to spot than the fact that you and your spouse are horrible incompatible.

An actual flag is much easier to see than the fact that you and your spouse are horribly incompatible.

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Holidays: Tips For Coping

In your post-divorce life, holidays can be rough. Here are some tips for coping with the holiday blues.


Eat a lot of chocolate.


Try giving thanks because you have a second chance at happiness. And if that doesn’t work, eat a lot of mashed potatoes.


Start some new traditions. Like eating mashed potatoes.


Eat some mashed potatoes?


Eat the free samples of chocolate-dipped strawberries they’re giving out at the grocery store, because, come on, you’re not made of money.


Eat SO MUCH chocolate followed by a sensible portion of mashed potatoes.


Enjoy flags like you always have.

All you need is flag.


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