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7 Signs That You’re Ready to Start Dating After Divorce

1. You feel like wearing pants that are not of the “sweat” variety.

2.  You’re craving brunch.

3. You’ve watched everything in your Netflix Instant queue.

4. You’ve reached the limit on cats permitted in your apartment and you’re still lonely but you don’t really care for reptiles.

5. You purchased a ‘buy one get one’ Groupon for gelato.

6. You’re in the mood to play an awkward round of miniature golf with someone you hardly know.

7. You started dating before your divorce.

God, brunch is dumb.

God, brunch is dumb.

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Is SHE Cheating?

As our male fans frequently like to point out, sometimes, women cheat too. Women! Right? So this one’s for you, fellas.  This handy flow chart will help you answer the question – Is SHE cheating?

Is SHE cheating - New Page-2

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