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Nothing Helps: Tips on Combatting Divorce-Related Depression

If we know one thing here at EGD, it’s that nachos are the greatest food ever invented ever. However, if we know one MORE thing, it’s that getting divorced is terrible and nothing anyone says or does is going to make you feel better. That’s just the way it is. But your friends, god bless ’em, will still try. No one likes to see you so sad. It’s depressing.  We can’t even see you and it’s depressing. We can just feel the depressing mopey energy coming through our computers.  And THAT is how blogs WORK.

Anyhow, we say all this, because we, too, are your friends. And we know that even though nothing is going to make you happy right now, it’s still worth a shot. We want to make you happy, so we’re going to throw a bunch of ideas at you. Most likely, they will all make you mad or sad or a frightening combination of the two. But you never know. Maybe, just maybe, something someone says actually WILL help. But probably not. Just hang in there, kitty on a tree branch.


1. Call a friend. I mean, obviously, right? But do it. Don’t just cry in bed. Cry on the phone. Or over Skype. Or even in person. Have lunch. Have lunch with drinks.

2. Get some exercise. I know – it is the WORST. But allegedly, it helps people. Even sad, pathetic people like you. Tip from Jeanne: Set an attainable goal of 30 minutes, doing something easy. Then just quit after 22 minutes.

3. Punch a pillow. It sounds SUPER DUMB but of all the things you want to punch it is the least likely to get your arrested. It is still possible to get arrested, especially if you are making a big pillow-punching scene in a Pier 1 Imports.

4. Keep a journal. Even though everything about your life is terrible, try and write 5 things that you are grateful for. (Hint: Nachos, nachos, nachos, nachos, and nachos.)

5. Just go to the pound and get a new spouse that looks exactly like the old one.

These potential new husbands have had all their shots.

These potential new husbands have had all their shots.

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What About the Kids?

It’s one of the greatest concerns for couples contemplating divorce.  What about the kids? Should we stay together for the kids?  There’s no easy answer.  But the answer is no. You need not stay together for the kids.  Even if you read a really idiotic article on say, The Huffington Post, that says getting a divorce will ruin your children’s lives.

Getting a divorce is never the ideal situation.  You didn’t plan on it.  But it does happen.  A lot.  But you’ll survive and so will your kids.  We’re not suggesting that you shouldn’t try and make your marriage work for the sake of your family.  But sometimes, it’s not a matter of trying.   Don’t beat yourself up over it.

We know it hurts.  We’ve heard the stories.  “My kids cried all night!”  “The kids were furious with me.”  “They will never forgive me!”

But look at it this way.

Kids are jerks.

No, we know. You love your kids.  They’re precious. They make life worth living.  But we’re here to say, that they can still be real jerks.  Some of the authors of this website will admit to being a real jerk up to the age of 25. At least.

So, sure, if you decide you need to separate or get a divorce, your kids will be upset.  But kids get upset all the time.  You can wait. You can wait until they’re out of the house.  But guess what?  They’ll still be upset.  Isn’t it better to get that upset out of the way earlier?  And maybe by the time they’re nice, reasonable adults, they’ll have stopped being upset.

So don’t feel like a terrible person if your kids cry when you tell them the news.  To put it in perspective, here are some other things that kids cry about.

why kids cry

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