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Myths About Divorcées

There is something horrible and unappealing about the word divorcée. A divorcée is, of course, a divorced woman. Is there an equivalent word for a divorced man?  Yes.  Apparently it’s divorcé. But you never really hear that, do you? That’s why I had to look it up just now. Personally, when I hear the word divorcée, it brings to mind an image of some dour, chain-smoking woman holding a glass of wine and taring out a window.  And THAT image brings to mind someone who teaches 4th grade and I HATED my 4th grade teacher.

But is it true? Are divorcées so horrible? We’d like to think not. That’s why we’re going to dispel some unflattering myths about divorcées.

MYTH 1:  Divorcées drink a lot of white wine.

FACT: Divorcées drink a lot of everything. Most anything you put in front of them, really.

MYTH 2: Divorcées are angry.

FACT: ALL WOMEN are angry. Have you ever met a woman? Was she angry about something? Exactly.

MYTH 3: Divorcées spend a lot of time smoking and making horrible analogies for relationships.

FACT: Nope. Common misconception. You’re thinking of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character on Sex in the City. And you’re right. She is horrible.

MYTH 4: A divorcée’s tail is about half as long as her body.

FACT: Nope. Common misconception. You’re thinking of tigers.

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Not a divorcée. But she is separated.

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