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Celebrating Your Divorce

Divorce should be celebrated.  Not because it’s fun.  And not because you always dreamed of getting divorced.  But because sometimes, it’s necessary.  And you deserve a treat when you’re finally done.  It would be great, if we could all jet off to Fiji to celebrate our divorce being finalized, but we recognize that, depending on your budget, that may not be an option.  So here are some ideas for celebrating a divorce on any budget.

For the High Rollers:  Treat yourself to a vacation.  We’ve just decided that if a honeymoon is common practice after a wedding, why not a divorce-moon after a marriage?  Go somewhere tropical.  Or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.  Go somewhere your former spouse would have hated.  Bring a friend if you want.  Bring a new lover if you want.  You’ve earned it.

celebrating divorce

Belize is a nice place to divorce-moon.

For the Modest Rollers: Go to a nearby theme park.  Or a water park.  Something nearby that guarantees things like laughs or thrills or amusement of some sort.

For Anyone: Throw a divorce party.  It can be as big or as small as you like.  All that matters is what you’re drinking. Invite all of your friends who probably hated your ex anyway.  They’ll be happy to party with you. You can play games, like “not talking about your divorce.”  It’ll be great fun!

For the Low Rollers:  Have pancakes for dinner. Having pancakes for dinner always signifies a special occasion.

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