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Real Commitments

People act like marriage is such a big commitment. And sure. IT IS. The government is involved, often a church is involved, and, usually, lots of people see it happen. When you want out, you probably think it’s going to be REALLY HARD to do it. But there are plenty of things you do all the time that are much harder to get out of.


1. Cell phone plans

2. Gym memberships

3. Credit cards with some new and exciting offers

4. Conversations with people holding clipboards on the street

5. Bed Bath & Beyond mailing lists

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Not even death will part you from these.

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Things That Went Wrong At Your First Wedding: A List

Things That Went Wrong At Your First Wedding:

1. Ran out of the best hor d’oeuvres too early.

2. Married some dummy.

5 People Who Are Going to be Pumped Up to Hear About Your Divorce: A List

1. That guy you dated briefly in high school.

2. That guy you dated briefly in college.

3. That guy you used to work with.

4. That guy who didn’t ask you out because you were wearing an engagement ring.

5. Your mom.

Get to Know an EGD Staffer: Another List

Game Shows On Which My Ex-husband and I Appeared

During the Course of Our 11-month Marriage:

A List by Jeanne

1. The Newlywed Game

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The year-subscription to Netflix that we won for coming in second outlasted the marriage.

Get to Know an EGD Staffer: A List

Positive Things That Came Out of My First Marriage
A List by Jessica

1. Dyson Vacuum

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The End.

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