Halloween Costume Tips

Well, it’s Halloween, the second best holiday after Flag Day.  We know that you might be tempted to re-purpose your old wedding gown into a costume. And sure, you could  fashion it into a very nice zombie bride (or “ex-wife”) costume. And we understand that temptation. Because it was probably very expensive and you feel like you should get to wear it again. And you probably think you’re very clever.

But, you might want to consider…not doing that. Halloween is a great time to meet people. New people. And while we’re sure it’s a very nice dress and a good conversation starter, if you go to a party and your costume results in you discussing your failed marriage, it is also a good conversation ender.

britney spears divorced

Pre-divorce Britney is more fun.

So instead of being that person, try one of these, and really COMMIT to the costume.

  • A nurse who is not bitter.
  • A sexy cat who does not have a court date next Monday.
  • A batman who is not paying child support.
  • A zombie who does not drink alone.
  • A flapper who did not waste the best years of her life.
  • A taco who did not get totally screwed by the lawyer.
  • A bumblebee.
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3 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Tips

  1. Sarah Hull says:

    The bumblebee is my favorite.

  2. Perry says:

    A nurse who is not bitter… let me know where they’re sold and for how much.

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