Cooking For One

A lot of people find that dinner time is when they miss their ex the most. It can be hard to adjust to eating alone. Don’t even google “cooking for one.”  It won’t make you feel any better.

As we see it, the smarter (and easier) solution is to stop eating dinner.

You already had breakfast and lunch. Isn’t dinner just greedy?

Here’s a quick and easy dinner alternative.

Personally, I like to use peanut butter. But you can use any nut butter. Not sunflower seed butter though. That is gross.

After opening the jar, I like to use a teaspoon to eat the peanut butter. I find it helps monitor your butter intake.

If you don’t have a teaspoon lying around, that’s fine. Any small spoon will do. You can also use your finger. Or a pen. Any kind of stick, really. Get creative! Cooking should be fun.

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5 thoughts on “Cooking For One

  1. God, you two make me laugh. Being a serial bachelor I have tried googling “cook for one”…i usually use my peanut butter to top an English muffin (plus I prefer smooth vs. crunchy) just so I don’t look so pathetic eating directly from the jar

    • fancytramp says:

      This is exactly the kind of stereotype we’re fighting. Who says eating peanut butter directly from the jar is “pathetic?” Eating peanut butter out of the jar is the new sexy. Reclaim it! (But kudos on the english muffin medium. Excellent choice, fancy man.)

  2. I gained 10 pounds and raised my cholesterol 40% eating peanut butter out of the jar (and I’m happily married-or so I tell my hubby.) However, looking back on the experience, I still believe that it was worth it!

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