Behind the Scenes at EGD

Here at EGD we make it a rule not to work on holidays. We also make it a rule not to work on random weekdays, almost every weekend, and for our birthday months. As our American fans know, today is Columbus Day. Some of you might have the day off from work. We do too! (Confession: we’re both unemployed.)

But this Columbus Day, we’re breaking all of our non-working rules. Columbus Day rules were made to be broken. Not at all like Flag Day. Flag Day rules are sacred and important and we have them for a reason.

Because it’s a holiday, I’m going to give you a little inside look at how Everyone Gets Divorced operates. I (Jessica) wake up in the morning and drink a Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. Why? Because I love caffeine and hate being fat. Then I talk to Jeanne on g-chat (we’re too technologically advanced for “telephones”) and we say to each other  “Hey, should we do a blog today?” Usually we conclude that we should watch TV and eat snacks instead. But sometimes we feel guilty about only watching TV all of the time, or we feel too fat for snacks, so we do a blog anyway. Lately we’ve been extremely bad at blogging because SOME PEOPLE (Jeanne) decided to take a break from all the not working to go on a European vacation, But today I felt we needed to blog. And yet, what to say on this special day? I decided to give you a peek inside at the inner workings of EGD. So here is our actual conversation, expertly copied and pasted, discussing today’s blog:

Jessica: we’re probably going to have to blog again one day.
But I can’t bring myself to think about it.
Jeanne:  i know
i can’t do it now….and it’s a holiday
Jessica:  let’s just post a picture of christopher columbus and call it a day.

Jeanne:  hahahaha
i like that
just caption it
“he’s divorced”
fun fact: christopher columbus was divorced 12 times by the time he discovered america
Jessica: Is that true? He was?
Jeanne: No.
Jessica:  hahha
I’ll blog  something
but if it takes more than 3 minutes, i’m quitting.
my small lady brain can’t handle more than 3 minutes of thinking.
 Jeanne:  ok
i’m proud of you…  i just checked
columbus was married
and  then his wife died
Jessica:  GOOD. I’m GLAD she died. I don’t care who knows it.
Jeanne:  and then he had a “mistress”
Jessica:  can you have a mistress after your wife dies?
Jeanne:  i don’t know
that’s what wikipedia calls it for some reason
probably because she’s spanish
Jeanne: interesting…
some people say his wife died
and others say he just left her
Jessica:  hm…
 Jeanne:  in that case
maybe he WAS divorced 12 times
and no one really knows
Jeanne: Also, i think it’s about time we edit wikipedia
…to make everyone divorced
Jessica:  OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s!
Jessica:  ok i’m writing a blog
and it’s my favorite one ever so far
Jeanne:  i’m so proud
so proud of you
i’ll be right back again. I need to get snacks.
Jessica:  ok
this blog
is very unconventional
it involves copying and pasting.
You’ll see.
divorce humor

Christopher Columbus was divorced 12 times.

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2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes at EGD

  1. Thanks for the laughs.. also this was my daughters 18th bday .. and Dt. Wild Cherry Pepsi ROCKS! 🙂

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