People React: What They Really Mean

When you tell friends and family about the demise of your marriage, or any serious relationship, you’re bound to hear a variety of reactions. But sometimes, you need to read between the lines. Assuming you’re not very good at reading between the lines, we’re just going to tell you what people are actually saying to you.

They say: “Maybe you should give it some time.”

They mean: “Your wedding was very expensive.”

They say: “Oh my god! Seriously?? I can’t believe it!”

They mean: “I saw this coming.”

They say: “Hey, these things happen.”

They mean: “THANK. GOD. You’ve come to your senses.”

They say: “Oh.”

They mean: “I’ve known that he/she was cheating on you for some time.

They say: “No, don’t say that. You guys will be fine.”

They mean: “I’m in a committed relationship and I don’t like hearing about this because I think breakups are contagious.”

They say: “Ohhhhh, so… is it… was he…. what happened?”

They mean: “So he’s gay, right?

They say: “Are you sure?”

They mean: “You are not as attractive as your significant other, so you may want to reconsider breaking up.”

They say: “So, are things really weird between you now?”

They mean: “I’ve invited you both to an upcoming event and I don’t want to have to un-invite one of you.”

I’m trying to decide how your divorce affects me personally.

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