Dogs of Divorce: Dispelling the Myths

If you have dogs, and you’re thinking about getting a divorce, you’re probably dealing with a lot of guilt.  “What about the dogs?” people will say.  Well, worry no more.  We’re dispelling some of the most common myths about dogs and divorce.

Myth 1: “Your dog will never forgive you after the divorce.”

Fact: Your dog doesn’t know that you’re divorced.

Myth 2: “Your dog won’t be able to have a healthy marriage in the future.”

Fact: Dogs are not allowed to get married.

Myth 3: “‘Your dog will regress to previous infantile behaviors.”

Fact: Your dog eats poop.


Dogs that are fine.

Myth 4: “Your dog will have problems at school.”

Fact: Dogs don’t have to go to school.

Myth 5: “Your dog will miss your ex.”

Fact: Your new boyfriend gives your dog treats, too.

Myth 6: “Your dog will start overeating.”

Fact:  If given the option, your dog would literally eat until he died, regardless of your marital status.


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