Let’s Get Real, Part 2

We’ve all read “facts” about divorce. Some of these facts try to show you that if you get divorced you will ruin your life and your children’s lives, and probably the lives of innocent bystanders. But sometimes these “fact makers” don’t give you the real reason behind the fact, and that can change everything.  So unlike those science-y statistical weirdos, we’re going to get real and drop some truth bombs on you.

FACT:  In 2005, some stupid science person released a study showing that children of divorce are more likely to divorce as adults. This study was done ONLY to make you feel TERRIBLE.

GETTING REAL:  Think about it. How many people do you know that stay miserably married because of one of the following reasons: 1) societal pressure 2) familial pressure 3) religious-related pressure? We guesstimate that it is somewhere between four and one million people that you know. We bet a lot of people don’t get divorced because their parents and family would disown them if they did, and they would lose their only support system. Instead, they stay in miserable, horrible, destructive marriages, and their kids turn out just GREAT (sarcasm!). Now, imagine instead that your parents ARE divorced and you are in a terrible marriage. You certainly wouldn’t feel any pressure to STAY right? Because what is your MOM going to say? She’s divorced too!  Well, since she’s your mom, she’ll still probably say something, but at least you’ll know she’s being horribly hypocritical.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Everything you do in your life is going to somehow ruin your children. Trust us. There exists a study somewhere that says so. So we say, don’t worry about it. Or at least, don’t OVERLY worry about it. No matter what, your child still has a 100% chance of being miserable and resentful (of you) as an adult.  Just like everyone else. Sorry.

We give it five years.

We give it five years.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real, Part 2

  1. DivorcedAndLovingIt! says:

    Thanks! Guilt sucks!

  2. Jackie says:

    “No matter what, your child still has a 100% chance of being obese and miserable as an adult. Just like everyone else. Sorry.”

    That was the best part, LOL!

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