How to Plan a Second Wedding

Planning a second wedding can be challenging. You may have already had the wedding of your dreams. So what now? Just have fun with it. This time around, anything goes.  Here are some ideas for a fun second wedding.

  1. Many people opt to have a second wedding that is less formal than their first.  Consider alternative venues–a low-key outdoor wedding can be fun and cost-saving.
  2. Opt for a casual dress code. Be yourself. Wear something you can move in. You’ll have more fun.
  3. Don’t blow your budget on flowers and centerpieces. Focus on the things people will enjoy, like food and drink.
  4. Rather than hiring a band or a DJ, just use an iPod and a docking station. Be your own DJ!
  5. Instead of hiring an officiant, have a friend perform the ceremony. It will be more intimate and personal.
  6. Instead of traditional wedding favors, give guests something that they will use. Like burlap sacks.
  7. Let your officiant friend instruct all of your guests to step inside their burlap sacks and line up at the starting line.
  8. Instead of performing a traditional “wedding ceremony” have your officiant say “Get ready, get set, go!”
  9. The first person who crosses the finish line is the winner of the potato sack race.

    divorce blog

    This is actually just a rock that looks like a potato.

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2 thoughts on “How to Plan a Second Wedding

  1. Kat P says:

    I don’t think so! What if the 1st wedding was done on the cheap and this time around the bride wants something special. Not sure if you are joking and hoping that you are. A friend can’t marry you, you must have a licensed person of the state. Every wedding is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t have to be stiff, it can be an enjoyable and very fun experience.

    • fancytramp says:

      Wow, Kat. You make some really good points. Not sure where you got the idea that we might be joking though. We feel extraordinarily foolish now for suggesting that every person who gets remarried should have a wedding that is actually just a large-scale potato sack race.

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