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Unsolicited Marriage Advice to Strangers on Craigslist

I came across this posting on Craigslist the other night.

In case you can’t read it, because I am only just learning to use a computer (as is evidenced by my repeated googling of “how to take a screenshot”) here is what the ad says:

“This is a 5 foot love sac with a black microsuede machine washable cover. I love it but I’m getting married and my fianc√© says it needs to go because we have such limited space. I’ll take $200 or best offer. It’s great for watching movies, video games, naps, or reading. “

I felt very strongly that I must email this person.¬† Not because I’m interested in a used love sac, but because I felt it was my duty to give this stranger some unsolicited marriage advice.

My email:

You’re welcome, stranger. I just saved you one divorce.

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