Let’s Get Real

There are a lot of “facts” about divorce.  These facts are usually boring because we didn’t make them up.  They use research and numbers to make you feel bad about yourself.  But we’re going to get real with you.  We’re going to explain one of these facts, using “realness.”

FACT: Living together before marriage increases the likelihood that you will get divorced.

GETTING REAL:  Who doesn’t live together before getting married these days?  Nuns? Ok, that doesn’t make sense.  But the people who don’t are usually creepily religious and/or overly concerned about their public image. So if they’re unhappy, instead of suffering the judgement of God/public shame of getting divorced, they will just suffer through their horrible marriages, which skews the statistics. They’ll stay married, but they’ll also do stupid things like take ballroom dancing classes and fight about taking ballroom dancing classes and talk about how much they love their sweetie pie and their ballroom dancing classes on Facebook (lies) and probably abuse prescription painkillers.  But, yes, they’ll stay married!


He’s not trying to dip her – she’s just had one too many Vicodin.

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