Word of the Day



  1. A medical condition in which the face is very ugly.
  2. A common ailment that afflicts any current or future romantic partner that your ex may have.


  1. Have you seen Mitch’s new girlfriend?  She has a really serious case of uglyface.
  2. I’m doing a bike ride for a cure this weekend.  All the money goes toward uglyface research.




3 thoughts on “Word of the Day

  1. Mark Burns says:

    However, one must be careful not to mix up UglyFace with the JealousEx Syndrome. The symptoms can present very similarly; usually an outside and unbiased source is necessary to help determine if the UglyFace diagnosis is contraindicated with JealousEx. Good friends will lie… best friends will just hug you and pour you a glass of wine to help with the misdiagnosis.

  2. Ugly Face: not to be confused with crazy eyes. Crazy eyes being the condition were the expression of the eyes doesn’t match the expression on the rest of the face. Example: Mitch better watch out, his new girlfriend has crazy eyes.

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